Year Zero Remixed

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Band Name Nine Inch Nails
Album Name Year Zero Remixed
Type Album
发布日期 20 十一月 2007
出版公司 Interscope Records
音乐风格Industrial Metal


1. Gunshots By Computer (Saul Williams)
2. The Great Destroyer (Modwheelmood)
3. My Violent Heart (Pirate Robot Midget)
4. The Beginning of the End (Ladytron)
5. Survivalism' (Saul Williams)
6. Vessel (Bill Laswell)
7. The Warning (Stefan Goodchild Featuring Doudou N'diaye Rose)
8. Meet Your Master (The Faint)
9. God Given (Stephen Morris & Gillian Gilbert)
10. Me, I'm Not (Olof Dreijer)
11. Another Version of the Truth (Kronos & Enrique Gonzalez Müller)
12. In This Twilight (Fennesz)
13. Zero-Sum (Stephen Morris & Gillian Gilbert)