When Dream and Day Unite

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Band Name Dream Theater
Album Name When Dream and Day Unite
Type Album
发布日期 06 三月 1989
制作人 Terry Date
音乐风格Progressive Metal


Re-issue in 2002 by One Way Records in remastered edition.
1. A Fortune in Lies 05:13
2. Status Seeker 04:17
3. The Ytse Jam 05:47
4. The Killing Hand 08:42
a/ The Observance
b/ Ancient Renewal
c/ The Stray Seed
d/ Thorus
e/ Exodus
5. Light Fuse and Get Away 07:24
6. After Life 05:27
7. The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun 08:05
8. Only a Matter of Time 06:36
Total playing time 51:31