Watchin the World Burn

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Band Name Crimson Orchid
Album Name Watchin the World Burn
Type Album
发布日期 31 三月 2012
出版公司 Scythe Records
音乐风格Progressive Metal


1. Setting the Stage
2. Hearts Lament
3. Death Is Not for Everyone
4. Lupine Selinoria
5. History Defeats Itself
6. She Crys for the Dark
7. For Every Mans Arsenal
8. Remember the First Time
9. The Bear Maiden Pt 1
10. Hell Hath no Fury
11. Lamented Heart
12. In Darkness I Bind Thee
13. Tribe of the Oneiroi
14. Into the Dark
15. Light the Match
16. Watching the World Burn

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Crimson Orchid