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Band Name Entropia (PL-1)
Album Name Vesper
Type Album
发布日期 28 二月 2013
音乐风格Avantgardiste Black


1. Dante 04:37
2. Gauss 07:24
3. Pascal 10:22
4. Vesper 08:11
5. Tesla 08:52
6. Marat 09:05
Total playing time 48:31

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评阅 @ Satanicarchangel

24 五月 2013

In the same league as Rorcal

Black Metal meets Sludge seems to be the next big thing in underground metal scene with Switzerland's Rorcal already releasing an excellent album in February this year that was full of some ferocious blackened sludge. Entropia are riding the tide along with Rorcal with Vesper, unlike Rorcal's Világvége, Vesper takes a much more mellow and black approach to the style being a more full on Black Metal release with sludge influences rather than the other way round.

The more Black Metal approach means Entropia's sound is much more desolate and mellow than that of Rorcal, don't go into it thinking you'll experience skull crushing heaviness because Vesper certainly won't deliver. If you're looking for beautiful Black Metal with some nice outside influences then Vesper will definitely suit your needs.

The sludge approach that Entropia takes is more in the form of the Post Rock crescendo and the guitar tone at times definitely has a sludgy vibe to it but the sludge never goes past a mere influence as this is stylistically Black Metal more than anything else. The added sludge elements makes the sound slightly more “groovy” as well and ensures it is kept interesting throughout. I also like how nothing is out of place within it and everything is meticulously crafted and finely tuned to create a fresh and exciting listening experience. Sludgy Blackgaze sounds like it would be a mess to pull off but for Entropia it feels like it is second nature to them. Vesper is an album so perfectly crafted that I am in awe during it, everything just works so well together and everything is just mixed so perfectly.

The Black Metal elements remind one of a much rawer Alcest, it has the shoegaze and post rock sensibilities of the infamous French band but with a much rawer production and a heavier black feel to it. The atmosphere isn't as twinkly as the aforementioned band as well, Vesper has an atmosphere that at times borders on Depressive Black Metal territory, the sound is unimaginably desolate for anything tagged as Blackgaze. The vocals in particular are very desolate reminding me at times of Burzum's Filosofem, they have that distant and ghastly feel to it which creates a very isolated atmosphere.

Atmosphere is something Vesper is all about, desolate beauty rules supreme here with the tracks being both cold and dark but at times ethereal and breath taking. The atmosphere is sublime and one of the best I've heard in a while. I also like how the atmosphere never feels dense or claustrophobic, although I do like the whole dense sludge approach to bands like Rorcal it would not have worked in Entropia's favour as the music is much lighter and airy. I'll liken the atmosphere to a band like Imperium Dekadenz with the whole airy and shrouded feel to the music. Like Imperium Dekadenz, Vesper feels like it's been drenched in a thick mist, a mist where only the faintest of light can penetrate the desolate landscape. The keyboards work wonders with the atmosphere as well, although some bands choose to overdo it and make the music feel synthetic and sterile, here the keyboards are never made the frontal part of the music and adds a nice chilling effect.

If you thought the whole Blackgaze scene was becoming redundant then listen to Vesper, the sound manages to be fresh and exciting and also fantastic as well. Mixing some nice Atmospheric Sludge elements into the sound, Vesper is a highly original and amazing release with some wicked haunting atmospheres. Although Entropia have remained out of the public eye I am hoping that Vesper will garner them the recognition they deserve.

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