Under the Radar

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Band Name Fist (CAN)
Album Name Under the Radar
Type Compilation
发布日期 2014
出版公司 A And M Records
音乐风格Heavy Metal


CD 1
1. Flying Under the Radar
2. Double or Nothing
3. Thunder in Rock
4. Leather 'n' Lace
5. Hot Spikes
6. Evil Cold
7. Fleet Street
8. Open the Gates
9. Muscle Gun
10. Danger Zone
11. Right in It
12. No, No, No
CD 2
13. In Your Face
14. It Ain't Easy
15. Good Hard Rock
16. Loud, Loud, Loud
17. Under My Wheels
18. Under Cover Lover
19. Get Back, Get Back
20. All Over the World
21. Time Is Running Out
22. Piece of the Action
23. Street Fighting Heroes
24. It’s Just Another Day

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Fist (CAN)