Tube of the Resinated

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Band Name Cannabis Corpse
Album Name Tube of the Resinated
Type Album
发布日期 20 四月 2008
出版公司 Forcefield Records
音乐风格Death Metal


1. Chronolith 03:11
2. Mummified in Bong Water 04:04
3. Disposal of the Baggy 03:23
4. Every Bud Smoken 03:24
5. Sentenced to Burn One 03:31
6. Addicted to Hash in a Tin 04:31
7. Fucked with Northern Lights 03:21
8. Experiment in Horticulture 04:25
9. Gallery of Stupid High 03:21
Total playing time 33:11

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评论 @ Scandals

20 九月 2008
Ah the side project. Next to reforming older bands eager to cash in on a revival of their particular style, 10 years after it failed the first time, possibly the most easy to deride form of band. Side projects are usually an excuse for musicians in our more favourite bands to create music that is totally different from their main band, using other influences in their musical cauldron and can produce very strange and poor results. But not this one. Featuring Landphil from Municipal Waste, awesome retro-thrashers from Virgina that have properly kickstarted an old school thrash revival, not the metalcore one that Trivium can lay claim to, Cannabis Corpse wear their two main influences very much in their name alone. Weed and Cannibal Corpse might be an interesting combination, and I'm sure many a metalhead can back me up that it works. But musically, these boys have absolutely nailed their Cannibal Corpse impression. Its a fantastic album, one that the Corpse boys themselves would have been proud of, but of course with hilarious parody song titles (see Gallery of Stupid High and Addicted to Hash in a Tin as my personal favourites) and lyrics based on getting high and weed monsters instead of brutal forms of murder and perversion. Its brilliantly tongue in cheek and fantastically well written, and is another example that old school death metal is still alive and essential. Powerfully refreshing in the modern deathcore climate, the only problem is that they've left their deathly forefathers quite a task in creating a follow up as ball busting as this. But knowing the Corpse, they will.

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