Tomorrow We Die ∆live

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Band Name Born Of Osiris
Album Name Tomorrow We Die ∆live
Type Album
发布日期 20 八月 2013
出版公司 Sumerian Records
制作人 Nick Sampson
录制地 Impact Studios


 The Origin
 ∆eon III
 Im∆gin∆ry Condition
 Source Field

Total playing time: 42:26

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Born Of Osiris

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评阅 @ Satanicarchangel

22 八月 2013

Reinventing Deathcore

Born of Osiris have been knocking around a few years now but haven't put out anything that was extraordinary. Their first album The New Reign was standard affair deathcore with occasional melodic and progressive sections, it wasn't anything special and suffered a lot in terms of song writing but did hint at a good degree of technical understanding underneath the mediocrity. Their follow up album A Higher Place saw the band injecting more progressive and symphonic elements into their sound, showing the band drifting away from their shaky beginnings. The album however still suffered a lot where song writing was concerned, A Higher Place as a whole was highly repetitious with each song barely differing from the one that followed it. Still, it showed that they had at least matured and refined their sound from their mediocre deathcore. Their third album, The Discovery showed the band dropping a lot of the ailments that plagued their song writing before, the album was far less repetitious, showing a greater and more refined use of their progressive and symphonic elements to create a sound that was truly their own and resulted in a pretty good album to boot. Sure, it might not have been the best thing I've ever heard, but credits where credits due and Born of Osiris have sure as hell improved massively. Their latest album entitled Tomorrow We Die Alive is a massive leap in terms of quality from The Discovery, taking the sound they prototyped on that album and improved on all aspect dramatically. Tomorrow We Die Alive is an incredible album and shows that Born of Osiris have finally released something phenomenal.

When compared to their previous outings, Tomorrow We Die Alive makes a much greater use of their progressive and technical elements whilst splicing in some electronic elements for good measure. The sound is quite diverse and interesting, there's a good degree of technical and musical know how infused with a much needed sense of the avant-garde and experimental. They're not treading the territories set down by legions of other deathcore bands anymore and are finally moving in their own direction, away from the sea of mediocrity and faceless clones. Yet whilst Born of Osiris have always been fairly progressive in my eyes, they never tried anything truly out there and were still adhering to a lot of the stereotypes that deathcore entails. Sure they had some interesting moments scattered about their earlier albums but nothing that made me stop and think that these guys are really onto something. This is the first time they've dabbled in all out progression and the results are nothing short of fantastic. They've finally grown into a mature and enticing outfit that will sure as hell demand a lot more attention from metal fans worldwide.

The problem I had with Born of Osiris on their previous albums was that it felt to me like the technical elements were added as an after thought. It felt to me that when they felt their music was lacking that little something that made music special they added random technical interludes to counteract it and try to hide how boring and sterile the music was underneath. The technical elements in Tomorrow We Die Alive feel a lot more natural and organic. For the first time in this bands career they've managed to successfully balance the technical and progressive elements wonderfully with their deathcore sounds. Nothing feels out of place and everything flows smoothly. There's no sense that one section was added as an after thought and instead it's wholly consistent. The first track Machine is a good example of their new found progressive prowess, effortlessly mixing progressive and technical elements with deathcore and some fairly strong symphonic elements. The song manages to remain interesting and strong throughout, being one of the best deathcore tracks I've heard in a while. This track perfectly highlights the evolution Born of Osiris have made from their humble deathcore beginnings to a formidable and progressive monster with a very strong sense of the avant-garde.

What I really like about Tomorrow We Die Alive is the synthesizer content. It's nothing short of extraordinary, adding a fantastic spacey vibe throughout the music. The track Divergency opens with an excellent keyboard melody that wouldn't be out of place on a Mass Effect game, the keyboards are highly atmospheric and beautiful. Luckily the keyboards maintain a fairly strong presence throughout this track adding soothing ambient undertones to the progressive deathcore fury. Divergency is another excellent track with infectious keyboard melodies that add so much in terms of atmosphere. The guitar work is also phenomenal as well, perfectly balancing melody, technicality and heaviness in to one powerful package.

At times the guitars play beautiful ethereal melodic leads, balanced with deathcore chugging and heaviness. The track Absolution is a great example of this where an ethereal lead that is incredibly melodic and emotional floats effortlessly over standard deathcore heaviness. Some of the guitar work dabbles in the territory of Djent, although not wholly original it works pretty well under the melodic leads and atmospheric keyboard tones. Adding a good sense of heaviness and even more depth to this already vast album. Of course the guitars wouldn't sound nearly as good if they weren't mixed in with the almost electronic sounding keyboards, on their own they're nothing particularly special but add influences of electronic and it works fantastically well.

It's really quite incredible to see how much Born of Osiris have evolved. I'm going to be honest and say that I was nowhere near expecting the quality I got from Tomorrow We Die Alive. From a band that put out fairly mediocre albums, Born of Osiris have really stunned me with this one. Showing a greater sense of maturity than they have previously emanated. Born of Osiris have no doubt surpassed my expectations in creating one of the best deathcore albums I've ever listened to. Tomorrow We Die Alive is a great example of how well deathcore can be pulled off when the band members actually focus on writing good music. Tomorrow We Die Alive is catchy, memorable and exciting, it's incredibly diverse and well written, showing a great degree of talent and potential from this young band. Four albums in and Born of Osiris have written one of the best deathcore albums of all time, so with that I say good job guys and I'm looking forward to seeing what they release in the future. Deathcore has finally got a band worthy of waving its banner.

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Masterinto - 24 八月 2013: And how can you give this album 17 out of 20? It's fucking whack. Especially compared to their previous albums.
Satanicarchangel - 24 八月 2013: Can the guy above me read? If he can he should have noted that my review score was actually 19/20, the AVERAGE score was 17, and for your information a 17/20 is still a respectable score, considering it's 3 points off of perfect. And to the guy who commented first, just note that me calling their first few releases as mediocre isn't a personal attack against you, if you don't like my opinion go ahead and write your own review. Getting upset about something fairly pathetic when I gave this album a 19 is bordering on the absurd. It always astounds me as to how stingient people get if you give even one semblance of criticism to their favourite bands. This is a REVIEW, it's meant to be OBJECTIVE, it's my own PERSONAL opinion and it doesn't necessarily reflect the views of everyone else on this site.
Crinn - 30 八月 2013: The Discovery was my favorite album of 2011 lol
Crinn - 30 八月 2013: @satanicarchangel if only the admins believed that too lol

评阅 @ McLovinSkittlez

14 十二月 2013

Couldn't quite live up to The Discovery

Sumerian Record and deathcore juggernauts Born of Osiris enter their fourth installment into their massive arsenal of crushing progressive and technical deathcore entitled Tomorrow We Die Alive. Previously, in 2011, we witnessed one of the best deathcore albums ever made come among us. To many, The Discovery topped their personal charts of best of 2011, myself included, and to say that the bar was set infinitely high for BoO, that would be one of the biggest understatements ever.

Earlier this year, I was scrolling around on facebook when I saw the single of the record entitled "Machine" was up and roaring. With Born of Osiris being one of my favorite bands in general, I instantly took a gander. The song starts off with a nice melodic intro type thing and then takes off with some spectacular riffing from Lee Mckinney backed by a soft and pleasant keyboard harmony. And then suddenly you drop into a throat crushing polyrhythmic breakdown BoO is know for. And thats where Lee takes off and just shreds the shit out of the breakdown. After this all i could think was, "Could it be? Could they surpass their predecessing perfection?" That one single sparked a whole different level of eagerness for the album to come out, and once I got it, well, you could say I was quite pleased with the outcome.

The production for Tomorrow We Die Alive is nothing short of perfect. You know how A Higher Place had EXTREMELY heavy bass with little treble? And how The Discovery had a lot more treble than bass, whereas the guitars nearly drowned everything else out? Well they fixed that and everything has found middle ground and balance. That's really the only aspect that sets this apart from The Discovery. Aside from that single trait this record is packed with whiplash-causing breakdowns, and a groovy good time, but it's merely what you'd expect from Born of Osiris. They never really went over the top with exception to the single "Machine". Another problem that stood out to me is the one issue I have with another favorite of mine, Within the Ruins. Nearing the halfway mark, rhe album starts to lose its creative touch, and get a bit repetitive. That's about where I stop listening, with the exception of the track "Æon III", which is my favorite off the record.

So all-in-all, Born of Osiris didn't necessarily live up to what The Discovery showed they could do, but nonetheless is veey enjoyable, considering the amount of lame, repetitive deathcore bands areout there today. Tomorrow We Die Alive gets a 15/20 from me.

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