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Band Name Septicflesh
Album Name Titan
Type Album
发布日期 20 六月 2014
音乐风格Symphonic Death


 War in Heaven
 Order of Dracul
 Confessions of a Serial Killer
 Ground Zero
 The First Immortal

Total playing time: 45:24

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12 八月 2014

Gothic Death Majesty

SepticFlesh formed in 1990 in Athens, but split up in 2003 only to regroup in 2007, turning out to be one of the giant Greek metal bands alongside Rotting Christ and Firewind. It's usage of orchestral sounds and a Gothic tone is very familiar with the metal community with that in mind. Their renowned streak continues in 2014 with their ninth full-length in the roster simply known as "Titan."

The musicianship in this record is great, starting with the vocals. Aside from the usual deathly growls, which sound wicked and fierce, they also consist of bizarre, off-key singing to up the record's atmosphere. They definitely accomplish that end, leaving a strange but hauntingly cryptic feel to the music. On top of that, the guitars wield a range between black metal-like chords and thunderous chugs that really delivers, and the drums sound very potent, fast or slow. On its own, the band already has a lot to offer, but that's only the tip of the iceberg.

As if that sort of musicianship wasn't enough, the orchestras and choirs are also a wonder to listen to, both in the way they sound and how they add to the music as a whole. For the former, there's such a grand, theatrical ambiance going about them with great volume and power, to the point where listening to them feels like being in the midst of a large-scale battle in an epic film. For the latter, this said atmosphere breathes more life into the album without cramming it down your throat, being distributed in a way that pulls you into its darkness with very smart placement and poise.

To further elaborate on this, while all of the songs are great, there are a few specific ones that demonstrate "Titan's" great dynamic and orchestration at its fullest. For starters, the slow-paced chorus in "Prototype" is not only accompanied by violins and horns, but there is also a children's choir alternating with the harsh vocals to create this heavily cryptic mood. It comes to be a prime example of how this album manages to establish more environment and brutality to the mix, and it sounds downright powerful.

That isn't the only highlight this record sets on the table, however. "Prometheus" drives through the audience's ears with a storm-cloud pace, with lots of thunderous notes, dynamic between quiet and loud, and more of that great instrumental texturing. "Order of Dracul" is another song that shows the symphonic elements of this album at some of their best, and "Confessions of a Serial Killer" opens with great build-up, partially thanks to the theremin making it sound more haunting. All of this and more make "Titan" an extremely potent and memorable listen.

The production only adds more to the listening experience. Former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader, who also mixed music for Divine Heresy, Gojira, and Devil You Know, did a fantastic job giving the album a richer and heavier sound, allowing the instrumental performances to stand out in their own rights without sacrificing any resonance. The music itself sounds great, but the production ups the ante even further.

Overall, "Titan" is a wonderful album that seamlessly ties together epic scales with sheer brutality. The musicianship of both the band, the orchestra, and the choirs is great, the songs are beautifully composed, and the atmosphere is huge and compelling. Anyone in search of dark, orchestral metal may not have to look any further than this record to fill their cravings. Certain tracks do stand taller than others in terms of memorability and impact, but that's in no way stopping "Titan" from being a total powerhouse of symphonic death metal.

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