The Weak Man

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Band Name Hyper Dump
Album Name The Weak Man
Type Album
发布日期 五月 2017
音乐风格Industrial Death


1. Awaken (feat. Arno Strobl)
2. History (feat. Fred Blanchard)
3. The Weak Man (feat. Guillaume Bideau)
4. Departure (feat. Kamel Guellil)
5. The Calling (feat. Drix)
6. No One Can Divide Us (feat. Deke)
7. Forlornly (feat. Mark Basile)
8. Incoherence (feat. Guillaume Bideau)
9. Massacre
10. No More (feat. Blaze Bayley)
11. Revelation (feat. Arno Strobl & Drix)
12. Circling Down the Drain (feat. Benhanced)

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