The Storm and the Horizon

乐队列表 Symphonic power Skylark (ITA) The Storm and the Horizon
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Band Name Skylark (ITA)
Album Name The Storm and the Horizon
Type Album
发布日期 13 六月 2015
出版公司 Melodic Stakk
音乐风格Symphonic power


1. Eyes
2. The Kiss That Never Happened
3. Crystal Lake
4. Just One World (to Fall in Love)
5. She
6. Don't Know What You Got (Till it's Gone)
7. The Run Towards the Sun
8. Shot Through the Heart
9. Tears (Acoustic Verssion)
10. Another Reason to Believe
11. The Hardest Part Is the Night
12. Mt. Fuji (2015 Acoustic Version)
13. Road to Heaven
14. Santa Fe
15. Feverish
16. Bridges Are Burning

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Skylark (ITA)