The Silence of December

乐队列表 Doom Black Deinonychus The Silence of December
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Band Name Deinonychus
Album Name The Silence of December
Type Album
发布日期 07 七月 1995
出版公司 Cacophonous Records
音乐风格Doom Black


1. Intro / Black Sun 01:53
2. I, Ruler of Paradise in Black 06:30
3. The Silence of December 04:32
4. The Final Affliction of Xafan 10:22
5. A Shining Blaze Over Darkland 06:18
6. Under the Autumn Tree 07:07
7. Here Lies My Kingdom 07:38
8. My Travels Through the Midnight Sky 07:33
9. Red Is My Blood... Cold Is My Heart 05:55
10. Outro / Bizarre Landscape 02:05
Total playing time 59:53

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