The Mind's I

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Band Name Dark Tranquillity
Album Name The Mind's I
Type Album
发布日期 21 四月 1997
出版公司 Osmose Productions
录制地 Studio Fredman
音乐风格Melodic Death


Re-Issue in 2004 by Osmose Productions with a second disc included.
1. Dreamlore Degenerate 02:45
2. Zodijackyl Light 04:00
3. Hedon 05:37
4. Scythe, Rage and Roses 02:34
5. Constant 03:02
6. Dissolution Factor Red 02:08
7. Insanity's Crescendo 06:52
8. Still Moving Sinews 04:42
9. Atom Heart 243.5 04:00
10. Tidal Tantrum 02:57
11. Tongues 05:54
12. The Mind's Eye 03:11
DISC 2 (RE-ISSUE 2004)
13. Razorfever 03:16
14. Shadowlit Facade 03:25
15. Archetype 04:29
Promo Videos
16. Zodijackyl Light 03:43
17. Hedon 05:30
Total playing time 46:42

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评阅 @ WarMetal

14 十二月 2005

2 years after the incredible « The Gallery », Dark Tranquillity made their return with another bomb called « The Mind’s I », an Album that showed a new direction of the group’s style.

Sure enough, « The Mind’s I » were inspired by the melodic side of its predessor but it’s much direct and it’s showed clearly in a progressive touch (in the death metal way ) brought by the band as well as in some singles less complex than « The Gallery ». A progressive death metal album in all its perfection. Much dynamic, varied and rich in melodies (as we always had from the Swedish Combo).

The best song is, undoubtedly, « Hedon » which come so close to the style developped in « The Gallery ». The others are also pretty good too (Scythe rage and roses, Zodijackel light, Insanity's crescendo...). Here again, we were offered these famous hard Guitar’s arpeggios "Made in Dark Tranquillity". And the best gift to have is the Instrumental of « The Mind’s I » that finish the album in the best way.

The vocals are also as agressive as in « The Gallery » but a little bit sharper. As for the Drums, it’s much direct with a less varied rhythms, always in comparison with the previous album.

Dark Tranquillity served us again a masterpiece, a progressive death metal much dynamic and with an incredible beauty.

If there would an album of Dark Tranquillity to have beside « The Gallery », it would certainly be this one : « The Mind’s I ».

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Coerced_Coexistence - 21 五月 2007: great review ! this guys rock as well as In Flames