The Gates of Oblivion

乐队列表 Melodic Power Dark Moor The Gates of Oblivion
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Band Name Dark Moor
Album Name The Gates of Oblivion
Type Album
发布日期 11 三月 2002
音乐风格Melodic Power


1. In the Heart of Stone
2. A New World
3. The Gates of Oblivion
4. Nevermore
5. Starsmaker (Elbereth)
6. Mist in the Twilight
7. By the Strange Path of Destiny
8. The Night of the Age
9. Your Symphony
10. The Citadel of the Light
11. A Truth for Me
12. Dies Irae (Amadeus)
Bonustrack (Russian Release)
13. The Shadow of the Nile
Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
13. Mystery of Goddess