The City Sleeps in Flames

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Band Name Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Album Name The City Sleeps in Flames
Type Album
发布日期 28 六月 2005
出版公司 Immortal Records (USA)
制作人 McTernan Brian


1. The City Sleeps in Flames
2. The Only Medicine
3. The World As We Know It
4. What's Said and Done
5. Just a Taste
6. My Darkest Hour
7. Drowning You in Fear
8. The Bright Side of Suffering
9. Empty Glasses
10. Faith in the Knife
11. A Breath of Sunshine
Bonustrack (iTunes)
12. What's Up Now

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09 十二月 2010
this band uses alot of good lyrics that are meaningful and moving if there a most of the lyrics in there songs are all good nice guitar good vocal sounds drumer skilled voice work more then good enough they all are good with chorusus and good fills and riffs they need more bands like this with meaning

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