The Book of Darkness

乐队列表 Black Metal Decayed The Book of Darkness
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Band Name Decayed
Album Name The Book of Darkness
Type Album
发布日期 十二月 1999
出版公司 Drakkar Productions
音乐风格Black Metal


1. Death Chimes of Armageddon
2. Sacrificial Rites
3. Tribulation
4. Rise at Dusk
5. Cthol Mishrak (of Endless Night)
6. Flesh to Ashes
7. Halls of Torment
8. Into the Crypts of Rays (Celtic Frost Cover)
9. Call from the Grave (Bathory Cover)
10. The Return of the Darkness and Evil (Bathory Cover)
11. Bad to the Bone (George Thorogood Cover)
12. Blasphemer (Sodom Cover)
13. Touch Too Much (AC/DC Cover)
14. Infernal Death (Death Cover)
15. In League with Satan (Venom Cover)
16. Witching Hour (Venom Cover)

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