The Bestial Ritualism of Harlotry

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Band Name Kalodin
Album Name The Bestial Ritualism of Harlotry
Type Album
发布日期 07 八月 2010
出版公司 Self-Released


1. The Ritual Commenceth 01:47
2. Forsaken Virgin Demonlord 04:42
3. Dark Whisperer 04:51
4. In Glorificus Luctus (The Mourning After) 05:56
5. Necrophiliac 03:02
6. Interlewd: Into Purity 01:55
7. Souls of the Dead 07:12
8. Face of War 06:28
9. Revelations (The Forsaken Second Scribe) 06:33
Total playing time 42:21

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评阅 @ heavymetaltribune

23 十二月 2010

If you are familiar with the music of CRADLE OF FILTH, you will definitely find the music on this al

With one quarter of the band hailing from the tiny island of Singapore, and the remaining of the members hailing from Nepal, KALODIN's lineup is sure a unique one. Formed back in 2006 and after four years, the band introduces to the world The Bestial Ritualism of Harlotry, their debut full length album.

The Ritual Commenceth introduces the listener to the haunting atmosphere that is going to be present throughout the album, constantly chilling the bones with the ambience provided by the keyboards in the background. As the album begins proper with Forsaken Virgin Demonlord, the listener soon realises that the album is going to be one intense ride, with an extremely fast tempo and aggressive riffs and vocals, and little time to slow down for a good rest (well, until the end at least!).

There are moments on the album such as the track, In Glorificus Luctus (The Mourning After) where they make sure the insanity is maintained through the distorted and demented whisperings at the introduction of the song. Just as some of you nitpicking listeners are going to complain that this is nothing but a brainless shred-fest, KALODIN once again surprises with Interlewd: Into Purity, a keyboard-driven track with a haunting female vocals, and a heavy atmosphere. However, it seems that the music takes a turn from this point onwards, with the band focussing more on the mood of the music instead of the speed from here on. Numbers like Face of War, while not as fast as the first half of the album, are still crushing and chilling.

Kiew Jay's vocals are versatile, at times going to an extremely low growl, at times providing low spoken vocals (such as in Face of War) and at times going to an extremely high shriek (think Dani Filth). If you have seen Kiew Jay's performing with another local band, DEUS EX MACHINA, you will know what I mean. Davin's insanely fast and clean Alexi Laiho-influenced guitar solos certainly add more spice to the music. The lyrics on the album about sex, ritualism and satanism certainly add a nice touch to the music.

If you are familiar with the music of CRADLE OF FILTH, you will definitely find the music on this album tasteful. My only gripe is the midi-programmed drumming, which at times came across as too artificial. Throw in a drummer that can meet the programmed tracks, and you have the perfect symphonic black metal album.

If the above is still not sufficient for you to not want to get the album, then perhaps the album artwork should entice you. Album artwork layout is tastefully done, courtesy of Mike Priest (ABSENCE OF THE SACRED, HELL'S LABYRINTH) and brings out and enhances the entire idea of KALODIN's music.

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