Suspended in the Brume of Eos

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Band Name Obsequiae
Album Name Suspended in the Brume of Eos
Type Album
发布日期 18 七月 2011
出版公司 Bindrune Recordings
音乐风格Atmospheric Black


 Altars of Moss
 In the White Fields
 Suspended in the Brume of Eos
 Wildes Heer
 The Wounded Fox
 Atonement 1
 Estas Redit
 The Starlit Shore
 Cabin Lights

Total playing time: 41:39

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评阅 @ heavymetaltribune

28 七月 2011

recommended for fans of atmospheric, epic music with elements of extreme metal

Obsequiae is certainly no newcomer to black metal, having existed as Autumnal Winds from 1998 to 2005, before going on a hiatus and subsequently returning in their current form. While Autumnal Winds saw the band releasing only demos, the band has wasted little time as Obsequiae, with Suspended in the Brume of Eos being their debut full length album after a highly acclaimed demo in 2009. Released under Bindrune Recordings, which also brought fans of atmospheric black metal albums by bands like Fall of Rauros and Shroud of Despondency, personal expectations for this album are definitely pretty high.

Similar to bands on the Bindrune Recordings roster, Suspended in the Brume of Eos is a dark and atmospheric journey, with a heavy atmosphere to go along with the elements of black metal that are littered throughout the album, despite the "melodic dark metal" tag that is given to them, which was, personally, the main reason for avoiding this album initially. A myriad of guitar riffs greet the listener as the album begins with Altars of Moss, bringing listeners back to the medieval era as the two lead guitar melodies intertwine beautifully, at times harmonising to complement each other, yet at other times playing completely different tunes and still retaining that melodic edge to the music. The unconventional guitar lines and melodies that are unleashed by the band could possibly put listeners off at first, but this is what makes the music of Obsequiae so unique, and what makes no two tracks on the album sound the same, although similar themes may recur at times. Arrows then stands out from the rest of the tracks as it displays the technical brilliance of the axe-wielding duo, introducing listeners to the song via shred-friendly solos, reminiscent more of neo-classical bands instead. Blondel's bellows are harsh and at times desperate, yet at the same time manage to have that soft feel to them, fitting comfortably with the rest of the instruments.

What makes Suspended in the Brume of Eos such an enjoyable album as well is the ability to let each individual instrument shine on the album. Besides the twin lead guitar harmonies already mentioned, the drumming on the album deserve mention. The creative usage of the various toms and cymbals, Neidhart has managed to make the drums more than just a rhythm instrument. In addition, the big production tone of the drums has also made songs sound even more epic than they already are, providing for a pleasurable listening experience for suckers of dark, yet epic metal. The rumbling bass also remains audible throughout the recording and while mostly nothing unique, provides the backbone of the overall sound of Suspended in the Brume of Eos. On tracks like the title track though, the importance of the bass in maintaining the overall melody of the album becomes more evident. There are also the usages of other instruments and sound effects, such as the tolling of the bells on the title track.

Obsequiae has also included numerous interlude tracks throughout the album, yet these tracks stand out in their own manner, with each of them displaying the talents and abilities of the two masterminds behind the band. As per atmospheric metal bands, the prominence of the acoustic guitars is evident, with interlude tracks like Sidhe and Wildes Heer being purely acoustic guitar driven tracks. These interludes also provide nice links between the songs that come before and after them, and at times manage to surprise listeners as the next song begins, like the odd riffs on In the White Fields.

Suspended in the Brume of Eos is certainly recommended for fans of atmospheric, epic music with elements of extreme metal, as well as for fans of bands who have previously released albums under the Bindrune Recordings banner as the album fits snugly into the roster of the label with their take on metal.

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