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Band Name Cold (USA)
Album Name Superfiction
Type Album
发布日期 19 七月 2011
音乐风格Alternative Metal


1. Wicked World 03:36
2. What Happens Now 03:43
3. American Dream 03:39
4. The Break 03:46
5. Welcome2MyWorld 03:30
6. Emily 03:37
7. Crossroads 04:19
8. Delivering the Saints 04:24
9. So Long June 04:42
10. The Park 03:40
11. Flight of the Superstar 03:31
12. The Ballad of the Nameless 03:31
Total playing time 45:52

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评论 @ tr1ppw1ck3d

28 七月 2011

Cold is BACK!

The first song I heard from the new album Superfiction "Wicked World" blew me away. I remember that being the Cold I used to know. Then, interest and curiosity sparked well above average. I had been waiting for 6 years for a new release from the legends but once the release date crept closer, it was harder to maintain patience.

On July 17th, I received my pre-ordered Superfiction in the mail, which was 2 days earlier than the official public release date. After giving a thorough listen, I started messaging, text messaging, face booking, emailing and calling everyone I knew that would have any interest, trying to sell my words of just how incredible this album was. It's been in stores almost 2 weeks and numerous people I know have purchased the album with no disappointment. This is by far Cold's most mature, most situated album to date and with a twist of unforgettable melody and sound, but with a touch of darkness, no one should be unhappy with owning this piece of artistic sound.

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