Super Collider

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Band Name Megadeth
Album Name Super Collider
Type Album
发布日期 31 五月 2013
出版公司 Universal Music Group
音乐风格Thrash Heavy


 Super Collider
 Built for War
 Off the Edge
 Dance in the Rain
 The Beginning of Sorrow
 The Blackest Crow
 Forget to Remember
 Don't Turn Your Back...
 Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy Cover)

Total playing time: 45:14

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评论 @ desolate23

07 六月 2013

Not a massive disappointment but...

Oh, how the mighty have fallen, and how far has Megadeth have fallen. Well, I though Th1rt3en was decent, it had some memorable tracks, like Public Enemy No. 1 but this is kind of a failure.
What's Good about this album:
To me at least it sounds like they're trying to return to there roots back when Rust in Piece was out, and this record also had a few memorable tracks. Not as many as Th1rt3en but they're there. The album cover looks pretty cool in itself and that's about it.
What's Bad:
Well, the title track to me was relatively disappointing, it seemed slow and I just didn't know what to think. Dance in the Rain featuring David Draimen of Disturbed and Device wasn't a huge let down, but still pretty shameful, I just thought Dave's voice was getting whinier and whinier with each verse.
The Average:
The entire album to me felt rushed and just too plain, I saw sparkling innovations with Burn! and Off the Edge but, it's just gone.
I gave it an 12/20, just because how average it was. Dave maybe you need to take a break and write while you're more inspired.

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Baal666 - 11 六月 2013: Et bas pour ma pars oui,par rapport à Endgame c'est mauvais,je trouve ça plat et vraiment pauvre,à part 2,3 pistes qui tienne la route,ça prend un tournant très heavy, quand je dit heavy je dit pas que c'est forcement mauvais,mais on dirait que le navire passe en pilotage automatique.
King_Triton - 11 六月 2013: Surprenant : c'est le mot qui me vient après une première écoute ,en tout cas pas aussi mauvais que j'ai pu le lire .
je vais le laisser mûrir à mes oreilles avant un avis définitif . Blackwisdom : les groupes que tu cite sans être mauvais pompent quand même pas mal ceux des 80'/90' ...;)
Stephane_Lebon - 13 六月 2013: Très bon album toujours au top !!!
Ils assurent ...
ZEPP99 - 13 六月 2013: Le plus mauvais album depuis risk... quelle platitude

评论 @ pamimeda

13 七月 2013

I prefer risk

it's very sad what Mustaine had become here. This CD i do not recommend it, only for collectors, like me. It is better that you must to buy Newsted than this one. It's like a unique song the entire album. I didn't find any difference. Oh, Mustaine, take a break, don't sign more contracts, and think slowly for your next album.

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