Suici de Pression

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Band Name Thy Light
Album Name Suici de Pression
Type Cassette
发布日期 2007
音乐风格Atmospheric Black


Limited to 500 hand numbered copies
1. Suici de Pression (Introduction to My End) 03:47
2. In My Last Mourning... 11:00
3. A Crawling Worm in a World of Lies 07:00
4. I Am the Bitter Taste of Gall 10:44
5. ...And I Finally Reach My End 13:00
Total playing time 45:31

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Thy Light

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评阅 @ giganticbrain

12 八月 2008
There are a lot of depressing black metal bands, and the only reason their depressing is how bad they are. They record in their parents basement with a fisher price microphone, and you can't hear a god damn thing. Then theres the popular black metal bands like Make a Change… Kill Yourself and Xasthur who can afford for a fancy recording studio and what not. Then theres the middle man, in this case being Thy Light. He's outta his parents basement, but he can't afford for an awesome recording studio. Yet, he still finds a way to produce amazing quality music. Recording quality isn't the only winning aspect of this demo.

It's so god damn depressing ! I know this is supposed to be depressive black metal, but no other black metal band has reached the inner misery in me that Thy Light has.
Let's take Xasthur for example : he utilizes the technique of making things sound out of tune, producing a bleak, desolate, and dead sound, in a good way of course. Thats great and all, and I definitely approve of that tactic, but Thy Light has just set a new standard for melancholy. Word really cannot describe the pure beauty of it. You must experience it for yourself.

In addition, I know the name of the demo is kinda stupid, but its really creative for a depressive BM band. Most times, its a name like "The Utter Blackness of Hatred for Humanity and Myself" or something long and drawn out like that. Paolo Bruno realized that Suicide ended in "de" which is the first two letters in Depression. I never even realized that ! Good job Paolo !

Finally, although most of his tracks are over 7 minutes long, they never seem like their dragging on. Especially the last track, "And I Finally Reach My End". It doesn't seem to be endless like a lot of other 13 minute black metal tracks. Its an odd thing how he can do that, although I still can't figure out how he accomplishes such a task.

Best depressive black metal album EVER released, at least from what I've heard. It really raises the bar in sadness and depression. Get this album asap, it'll kill you on the inside after listening to it, which is exactly what you want from a depressive BM band.

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