Starve for the Devil

乐队列表 Technical Death Arsis Starve for the Devil
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Band Name Arsis
Album Name Starve for the Devil
Type Album
发布日期 09 二月 2010
出版公司 Nuclear Blast
音乐风格Technical Death


1. Forced to Rock
2. A March for the Sick
3. From Soulless to Shattered (Art in Dying)
4. Beyond Forlorn
5. The Ten of Swords
6. Closer to Cold
7. Sick Perfection
8. Half Past Corpse O'Clock
9. Escape Artist
10. Sable Rising
11. Pound of Flesh (For the Hell of It)

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评阅 @ ChristopherJRM

14 八月 2010
These guys end up being some other guys that with time, they gradually change their sound and it reaches the point that they start making records absolutely different from what they used to do initially. Although Arsis still keep the same style as basis, this style has already taken some quite large steps and today it's worked in a totally different manner from what it used to be, before.

This American band is still a Technical Death Metal band, but if previously their sound was more technical, more elaborated, more progressive, and more underground. The sound to which they evolved is more of a Melodic Death Metal, more of a Swedish style, and with influences from Arch Enemy or In Flames. A little bit more mainstream and still keeping the same technical, elaborated and "mind-blowing" riffs, as a mark of what they already used to do previously.

Being added to that is the fact that some song structures, some solos and some lyrics make this album have influences from traditional Heavy Metal and sometimes even a tiny bit of old school Hard Rock. Of course, this isn't quite what the fans used to hear on the band's records when it appeared, but it's not because of a change like this that Arsis will stop being a good solid band, that still practice good Metal, extremely well done, making their name stronger in the world heavy panorama.

It's the good riffs that fill this record, it's the catchy songs like "Beyond Forlorn", it's the magic drumming of "Closer to Cold", it's the sense of humour in "Half Past Corpse O'Clock", it's the way "Forced to Rock" introduces this heavy CD. It's not one of the most notable Metal albums of the year and it's still a bit far from being one of the best in Arsis' career, but it's a good album, that won't certainly waste any space on any shelf. Something more than just reasonably good. Geniously reasonably good.

My rating: 14/20

(Original review, written by me in Portuguese)

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