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Band Name American Heritage
Album Name Sedentary
Type Album
发布日期 01 三月 2011
制作人 Sanford Parker
音乐风格Sludge Metal


1. City of God
2. Sickening Rebellion
3. Chaotic Obliteration
4. Kiddie Pool of Baby Blood
5. Vessels/Vassals
6. Fetal Attraction
7. Tomb Cruise
8. Slave by Force
9. Abduction Cruiser
10. Morbid Angle

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American Heritage

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评阅 @ GandhiEgo

12 十一月 2012

Kill 'Em All meets the Blue Album

Solar Flare Records are again at it! Some time passed since the nice release of PIGS and if you were wondering what the label was up to, look no further! Jointly releasing Sedentary, American Heritage’s latest album, with Prototype Records, the label explores again the grounds of Doom Noise music. Now if you look up on the net you will notice that American Heritage is sometimes referred to as Mathcore and sometimes Sludge. The band, while initially playing Mathcore turned to more noisy and sludgy accents with time and with Sedentary, fans of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan will probably be left unsatisfied as the math chrysalis gave full birth to a “beautiful” sludgy butterfly.

This, however, is a maturation process and by delivering Sedentary, it’s not that American Heritage shed all their past legacy to become the next best thing after Eyehategod. Mathcore is highly technical music and these skills show here in the songwriting. Songs are not just catchy, they’re also very much intricate with an almost (almost) prog vibe to it. If I were to describe American Heritage's music on their new record, I would think Baroness with an extreme edge to it. Much like the Savannah based band, Sedentary offers real songs with progression, choruses and everything you need to shake up that ass as well as an added dose of brutality as if they’d take the framework of the Blue album and give it the rawish production of Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All. This combination of Speed/Thrash Metal intent with technique and sludgy undertones is damn near perfect for those people who always thought that Baroness weren’t Metal enough.

With a punk heritage in the background, no need to insist on the fact that (well, let’s insist still for the sake of it) those songs are damn catchy. YOB/Baroness like elements fusing with the fury of the once burgeoning Bay Area scene, you can’t go wrong. To my memory, the only band playing anything remotely similar would be Beissert from Germany but American Heritage have concentrated their efforts a lot more on efficiency and a lot less on the WTF/FNM attitude of their German counterparts subsequently providing in more thrills for the listeners. Needless to say that despite songs that are highly musical each and everyone of them (can't make my mind whether one song is better than another, take it as a nicely crafted package), American Heritage's music is music to be played live and I don't doubt they kick even more ass on stage.

I’m not sure why the cover art is so “doomy” (ie. depressive) because the music is definitely one to make you want to thrash just about everything and even though I don't have the lyrics I’m pretty sure that these guys have some sense of humor with titles like Tom(b) Cruise or Morbid Angle (with its almost guttural vocals!).

A great new record that will please fans from various musical horizons and one which should allow American Heritage to gain some more recognition in the same way they’ve broadened their own horizons! Get your own copy!

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