Schizo Level

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Band Name Thanatoschizo
Album Name Schizo Level
Type Album
发布日期 2001
出版公司 Misdeed Records
音乐风格Dark Metal


1. Raw 05:12
2. Suturn 04:06
3. Patheon (As in Strip-Tease) 06:38
4. Withering Art 03:31
5. Nightmares Within 07:19
6. Cântico Negro 02:32
7. Tiger's Doom 06:26
8. Love and Breath (Rebind of Thy Restless Mess I) 02:18
9. A Day... (Rebind of Thy Restless Mess II) 09:39
10. Big Bang 02:35
11. Nausea 05:29
12. Thanatos 03:19
13. Weird Curse 05:23
Total playing time 1:04:27

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评阅 @ L4G4RT0

21 十一月 2010
What a strange and appealing name this band has: ThanatoSchizO - yes, written like that with a capital 'S' and 'O' and well, nothing better than an album called Schizo Level to enter their world for the first time.

The first song is a display of what you'll face: it starts weird, with a clarinet playing alone in a very sordid way and then you enter another dimension with a powerful black metal mixing grunts and screams in an infuriating rhythm where once in a while the clarinet appears once again. Intense! Second song is... Suturn (yes it is) and although not as original as the first one, you have the same intensity, an interlude with pianos and some heavy metal guitars mixed with melodic death metal rhythms. You'll have to be paying attention so you can discover all the song details since it tends to be complex. Really it's a great song. Patheon stars with some oriental melody, exploding again, this time sounding a bit more like death metal, losing a bit of power comparing to the first two songs. The song tends to be long with numerous rhythm changes but it has many details to be listened. All along the way you can listen to Nordic folk influences, you can listen to a spoken word in Portuguese, an very loud bass in Tigers Doom (what a weird start, what a weird song!), you can listen to acoustic guitars, pianos, etc - sometimes things sound correctly, sometimes they sound out of place... and you can also listen to the great song called A Day - to me one of the best, although you can find much more elaborated ones but this one has something that definitively catches my attention - maybe because it has some roughness and raw feeling in it.

Schizo Level is an intense first album for the Portuguese - the band has a good approach to various metal styles, death, black, heavy and show a very good technique by adding many other elements and instruments... but sometimes they go a bit too far with some elements getting a bit out of place, making the song stop and start once again on a very "unstylish" way. The guitars are frantic, the vocals are good (the screams remind of bands like "Necrodeath"), the schizo is there (reminding bands like Solefald) and overall, this is an album to listen carefully, but beware: it can cause you some nightmares if you try to dig in too much...

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