Scandinavian Leather

乐队列表 Hard Rock Turbonegro Scandinavian Leather
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Band Name Turbonegro
Album Name Scandinavian Leather
Type Album
发布日期 28 四月 2003
出版公司 Burning Heart Records
音乐风格Hard Rock


1. The Blizzard of Flames
2. Wipe It 'Til It Bleeds
3. Gimme Some
4. Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed
5. Sell Your Body (to the Night)
6. Remain Untamed
7. Train of Flesh
8. Fuck the World (F.T.W.)
9. Locked Down
10. I Want Everything
11. Drenched in Blood (D.I.B.)
12. Le Saboteur
13. Ride with Us