Resurrection Furious

乐队列表 Death Metal Dr Faust Resurrection Furious
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Band Name Dr Faust
Album Name Resurrection Furious
Type Album
发布日期 九月 2015
出版公司 Self-Released
音乐风格Death Metal


1. Resurrection "Furious"
2. Balancing Act of Reality
3. Operation Competitive
4. Circled System Surrender
5. Is There Light or an Emptiness
6. Illusion Eden
7. The Bird in a Golden Cage
8. Descend in Nothing
9. Comprehended Truth
10. Demolition
11. Trapped in Decaying Flesh
12. Declined Decadence
13. Hourglass
14. Tiny World of the Universe
15. Desperated Frustration
16. Inner Fire with the Own Philosophy
17. Searching for Answers but Theres No Reply...
18. GOD Corp. Industries
19. Perpetual "Black and White"
20. The Inward Flame
21. Furious Resurrection

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