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Band Name After Forever
Album Name Remagine
Type Album
发布日期 08 九月 2005
出版公司 Transmission Records
录制地 Gate Studios
音乐风格Symphonic Heavy


1. Enter 01:05
2. Come 05:02
3. Boundaries Are Open 03:44
4. Living Shields 04:12
5. Being Everyone 03:39
6. Attendance 03:28
7. Free of Doubt 04:41
8. Only Everything 06:36
9. Strong 03:39
10. Face Your Demons 04:56
11. No Control 03:18
12. Forever 05:10
Bonustrack (DVD Special Edition)
13. Remagine (Documentary)
Bonustracks (SACD)
13. Taste the Day
14. Live and Learn
15. Strong (Piano Version)
16. Making of… Remagine
Total playing time 49:36

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评阅 @ Kivan

21 九月 2005
If two years is a good average to release a new album, it can be also a very long time for fans to wait.... And two long years is the time we have waited between «Invisible Circle» and «Remagine» the After Forever's new album.

Nevertheless, faced to a so long-awaited event, we started to feel a bit anxious, yet the cover had surprised more than one fan, clearly different from the other ones... more into a heavy style, less gothic...
May After Forever have changed their style?
I couldn't wait to answer this question by introducing Remagine in my cd player....

And the answer is no ! After Forever is still After Forever...and overall still makes it as good as before!
No disapointment, no surprise will come wasting this pure wonder which is Remagine, an album totally equal to the band!
Powerful heavy guitars, omnipresent keys, melodic and dynamic compositions, choirs... and of course how can we forget the divine Floor on the vocals !

She leads the vocals, going easily from a singing register to another, coming from a dynamic heavy style to a soprano singing in a total natural way which fits on the titles perfectly...

One more time this album from the dutch band is a pure jewel for the fans...
Do not miss it !!!

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Amon - 12 四月 2016: Excellent!
Amon - 12 四月 2016: Awesome!