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Band Name Metallica
Album Name Reload
Type Album
发布日期 18 十一月 1997
出版公司 Vertigo Records
制作人 Bob Rock
音乐风格Hard Rock


1. Fuel 04:29
2. The Memory Remains 04:39
3. Devil's Dance 05:18
4. The Unforgiven II 06:36
5. Better Than You 05:21
6. Slither 05:13
7. Carpe Diem Baby 06:12
8. Bad Seed 04:05
9. Where the Wild Things Are 06:52
10. Prince Charming 06:05
11. Low Man's Lyric 07:36
12. Attitude 05:16
13. Fixxxer 08:14
Total playing time 01:16:04

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评阅 @ L4G4RT0

11 三月 2008
Many Metallica fans like me felt that the band was going into our pockets to get the most mOney they could when they released "ReLoad". In fact, most of us knew that this album was going to be released by the time the band presented "Load". This could be easily be part of a double album but the band and the label decided that if they could double the mOney income instead of releasing a doulbe album they could release two albums with a slight time gap between them. Shame on you guys!

So, when you put this album in your CD player you will feel like you're still listening to "Load" because it has the same production, it has the same weaknesses, it has the same kind of Riffs, the same type of drum play, vocals, and so on and so on. The only thing is that this gets worse than "Load", because you can't help being shocked when you look at the back cover of the CD and you see there's a song called "The Unforgiven II"! What the hell is that all about? Repeating a radio hit? What is that besides trying to fit in a song that has a secure value to the playlists? Oh man, and the song isn't even as better as the original one... although it feels really like a part II... or should I call it... a B-Side? Although you can like the song, you can't help but rate it as a very very poor idea. The bad songs are here too, like in "Load", and yes they are still very poor. "Better than you" is awful, with those vocals not really synchronized to the song - a song which has little rhythm at all to be called... a song. "Slither" is slow paced, lowly creative, hardly a Metallica song and barely listenable. The disconnected "Prince charming" is a mess, although it seems that the band likes it (i don't). The ballad "Low man's lyric" seems a song made by a band searching for a hit and last but not least, "Attitute" a pointless song, whith a strong feeling of deja-vu...

"ReLoad" has no excuses like "Load" had, it is with no doubt the worst Metallica album ever, and even loving the band so much didn't save it from the bottom of the CD pile. If you're a die-hard fan you may feel tempted to buy it just to fill your collection. My advice then is - wait for the CD price to lower, and meanwhile take a listen to it to understand why. If you're not a Metallica can, avoid this One. True... avoid it.

Rated: 8

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评阅 @ vikingman369

12 十月 2010
Okay, I know that I've joined the metal-scene just when a lot of people are starting to hate the bands that I like or have liked (Metallica, Ozzy, Cradle of Fuel, Dimmu Borgir), and I tend to be more open-minded about things that most others consider to be "sub-metal."

ReLoad is possibly my favorite of the 90s-era Metallica. Yes, I said it: I like this album. I know its not a second "Master of Puppets" (sorry, but if you want a band to suck up to you and never try anything new, try Slayer or Iron Maiden), but that doesn't mean its "not good". For starts, "Fuel" sounds like a 109% James Hetfield song. The second song, a lot of people seem to not like because of the inclusion of Marianne Faithful on backing vocals (even though she's been around since forever, making her a classic, and bOned Jimmy Page, the beloved guitarist of Led Zeppelin who shamelessly ripped off Chopin and yet you still love him), but it works. The song is about the fading of fame, and her eerie voice just crooning out as the song creaks to an end really give that feel. "Devil's Dance" definitely is bad-ass enough, and it sounds awesome Load.

Since when was making mOney bad? Where is this unwritten book of metal that says a band must make a vow of poverty, avoiding mOnetary gains at all means, in order to be accepted by you? Personally, "The Unforgiven II" is a definite hit. It might sound a bit southern (a la "Mama Said" from Load), but its heavier than the first Unforgiven and therefore it is my favorite and possibly the best of the two (with Unforgiven 3 excluded since it has almost nothing in common with either of these).

Now for the rest of the album. To many, it might feel like just B-side material from Load, but its not entirely so. During the 90s, Metallica explored the origins of heavy metal - namely R&B and R&R - which spawned this much deplored Load/ReLoad era. However, Load feels more like a blues-album whereas there's a lot on ReLoad which feels like old school rock. This is evident on most of the tracks, most especially "Carpe Diem Baby", which has a riff reminiscent of "Limb from Limb" by Motorhead. The fact that people hate this album and every album in which Jason Led Zeppelin has an imput (Blackened, My Friend Misery and Where the Wild Things Are) just show how much you really care for the "new-kid."

Charming and Attitude follow through the same ballsy-rock-n-roll feel that the other songs on this album are, and so may be overlooked as just reusing the same old stuff. "Low Man's Lyric" and "Fixxxer" are more bluesy than the rest of the album, and personally speak more to me than anything from Master-of-overrated-Puppets, which is why I've got to give this album 20.

Now if only Metallica would stop kissing up you people and play these songs Load again!

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AlonewithL - 12 十月 2010: Wow 20/20, it's really the best album that you've heard?
vikingman369 - 13 十月 2010: did I stutter?
AlonewithL - 14 十月 2010: No, no, for me the problem isn't your point of view. I respect it. This album (like Load or ST Anger) have created the controversy. Some people have like it other absolutely not. But this is not the problem.

20/20 is a grade which i never use. It's the real extreme. The perfect album. But each album have some failures.

"Reload" was my first "Metallica". For me it's not the best, but not "shitty".

Well, sorry for my language (i'm french), i wish that you understand what i mean.
L4G4RT0 - 16 十月 2010: Good thing people don't always agree! But 20/20 it's a declaration of love and hate! :)