Rejoice in Vengeance

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Band Name Dawn Of Demise
Album Name Rejoice in Vengeance
Type Album
发布日期 26 六月 2012
出版公司 Unique Leader Records
制作人 Tue Madsen
录制地 Antfarm Studio
音乐风格Brutal Death


1. We Drink to Your Demise
2. Rejoice in Vengeance
3. Killing Spree
4. This Affliction
5. The Epitome of Brutality
6. He Rises Again
7. Exsanguination
8. Indulge in Perversity
9. Ungodly
10. The Blood Stays on the Blade
11. Choke
12. The Immaculate Slaughter (ft. Frank Rini)