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Band Name Emerald Sun
Album Name Regeneration
Type Album
发布日期 11 二月 2011
音乐风格Power Metal


1. We Won’t Fall
2. Theater of Pain
3. Where Angels Fly
4. Regeneration
5. Starchild
6. Speak of the Devil
7. Planet Metal
8. Chasing the Wind
9. Fantasmagoria
10. Holding Out for a Hero (Bonnie Tyler Cover)

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13 二月 2011

Authentic And Pure Power From Greece

Power? Check! High Level Production? Check! There are many power metal bands whose music is the same to Helloween, but only some of them are the exception because they have their identity and Emerald Sun are the bigest exception. Some of their songs are typical Helloween songs from the era of Walls Of Jericho, but who cares, they do it so perfectly that in the end you are thinking of the song which you liked it and of the band.

In 2007 they released a great album of power metal and now after four years and after the substitution of their singer Jimmy with Theo Tsakiridis they recorded a new masterpiece named Regeneration. In this album it is obvius again that their main aim is the combination of speed with melody and the result is something more than perfect even if we have heard that style again.

The first two songs "We won't fall" and "Theater of pain" grab you at once, great riffs and anthemical refrains which I am sure that you will remember after a week. Both songs are from the fastest of the album and they offer to every listener pleasant moments and not bored. Apart from the speed Emerald show that they can play pure metal and the proof is "Speak of the devil", in here they express their love for Judas Priest and I think that its solo is the best of the album.

When a band decides to create a song which lasts 12 minutes, takes a risk, which may lead the band to success or to failure and this because the song may be too tired for the listeners. Emerald Sun took that risk and the result is only success. The song "Fantasmagoria" is the power epic poem of Regeneration, based on another epic poem "Keeper of the seven keys" with great alternations on the guitar parts and with the participation of feminine vocals in the begining and of their producer Vaggeli Marani.

The contribution of the members is huge, Teo Savage and Johnnie Athanasiadis achieve great things on guitars through their tough riffs and melodic solos, Jim Tsakiridis gives a different tone through his keyboards which sound like an electronic game and final Stelios "Theo" Tsakiridis, a great vocalist who is able to keep his voice high for many seconds. In addition to these I must refer and the production which is perfect and it could not be better!

Emerald Sun are regarded to be the future of power metal with Innerwish and Firewind in Greece and every step they do is very important and they can prove it even through their cover on "Holding out for a hero". I am saying that because it is a serious cover and not a simple one so to use it as a bonus track. Keep up the hard work guys, because the future of power metal belongs to you!

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