Pussy Gore Galore

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Band Name PussyVibes
Album Name Pussy Gore Galore
Type Album
发布日期 2009
出版公司 666 Records
音乐风格Porno Gore Grind


1. Welcome to Sex and Violence
2. Kill Me Kill Me Make Me Cum
3. Siamese Please
4. Inhaling Exhaust Fumes
5. The Torture Chamber
6. Fresh Meat for the Grinder
7. Invasion of the Pussy Snatchers
8. Three Dogs in Heat
9. Finger Licking Good
10. Old Lady Man Whore
11. Super Vixen Dry Hump
12. Offensive Excrescence
13. A Dirty Time with a Dirty Girl
14. Pussy Vengeance
15. Might of the Horny Dead
16. Rancid Facial
17. Bathing in Excreta
18. Premature Cumming
19. Freakshow Aberration
20. The Ourem Zombie Incident
21. Inherit the Dementia
22. The Gore Gore Girls of Grind
23. Bobby Trap
24. Appendage Art 101
25. The Genital Abductors
26. A Mouthful of Pubic Hair
27. Nothing the Remake
28. Outro (a Amiga e o Grelo)

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