Piedmont Apocrypha

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Band Name Horseback
Album Name Piedmont Apocrypha
Type Album
发布日期 25 三月 2014
出版公司 Three Lobed Recordings
制作人 Jenks Miller


1. Passing Through 06:44
2. Piedmont Apocrypha 10:27
3. Milk and Honey 04:19
4. Consecration Blues 02:20
5. Chanting Out the Low Shadow 17:00
Total playing time 40:50

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11 五月 2014

Relaxed Drone

Multi-musician Jenks Miller has made a return with his drone project Horseback, stationed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. For almost a decade, he released a number of records that tampered with multiple genres, including drone, black metal, shoegaze, acoustic, and others. Some of his greatest hits include "The Gorgon Tongue: Impale Golden Horn + Forbidden Planet" and "Half Blood." In 2014, the band has released their newest LP entitled "Piedmont Apocrypha" to continue its bizarre legacy.

Compared to Horseback's previous releases, this particular album has a very relaxed and chilled feel to it. The songs are the type where you would crank up on your player, lay down on an outdoor hammock, sip some iced tea, and let the music soothe you. Even at its darkest, the album manages to keep this tone, as shown with the track fittingly entitled "Consecration Blues." This laid-back feel is incredibly well-delivered, and it doesn't get in the way of the songs' build-up and structure, and the album doesn't really reach the point where it gets boring. In short, the tunes are relaxed, but it gives off a feel-good vibe without losing sight of its structure and substance.

To add to that, the experimental formula that Horseback has always been so good at showcasing once again shines through. Although it seems that acoustic guitars are the primary focus of the musicianship, other instruments such as the simple percussion, the horns, and the 70's-style-prog synthesizer effects are all layered together in a way that manages to keep the audience invested, allowing for a lot of depth without betraying its relaxed tone. Top it all off with some simple, crooning singing, and you have a case of potent instrumentation backed up by potent writing.

Something else to really like about this album is that it really saves the best for last: The track named "Chanting Out the Low Shadow." While the other songs are still very good, none of them can be considered Horseback's absolute best work. This one, on the other hand, demonstrates everything that has made the project's past works so powerful. From the rich musicianship to the thick atmosphere to the great build-up, this track is easily this album's highest point, and it's a rather phenomenal listen.

Per usual, Horseback has once again added another fine release to its discography. "Piedmont Apocrypha" may not be quite as musically and emotionally powerful as "The Gorgon Tongue: Impale Golden Horn + Forbidden Planet," but it's very enjoyable regardless. The songs are nice and relaxed, yet at the same time, the musicianship and structures of the tracks really elevate it to high ground. Whether you're in search of something intriguing and experimental or cooled and easy to listen, this album has it all covered.

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