Our Endless War

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Band Name Whitechapel (USA)
Album Name Our Endless War
Type Album
发布日期 29 四月 2014
出版公司 Metal Blade Records


 Our Endless War
 The Saw Is the Law
 Let Me Burn
 Worship the DIgital Age
 How Times Have Changed
 Blacked Out
 Diggs Road

 A Process So Familiar
 Fall of the Hypocrites

Total playing time: 44:43

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评阅 @ RSontz

03 五月 2014

Well This Is Different

I've been a pretty big fan of this band for about a year now, and I really wasn't expecting this from these guys. It's pretty obvious that Whitechapel is a death metal/deathcore band. And this album definitely doesn't have the sound that these guys used to have. Yes there are still the very low tuned and heavy guitars, and the blast beats. But something just doesn't seem right about this release, and let's talk about it.

For the bad aspects of this album, this is clearly a watered down release from these guys. Vocalist, Phil Bozeman doesn't show off even close to as much range as he could. His extreme gutteral lows don't make that many appearances. And at some points, I really hate to say this, but some riffs seem to be a little rehashed.

Well now that I got the bad stuff out of the way, let's talk about why I can't stop listening to this album. The best aspect about this album is definitely the drumming. Their drummer has proven that death metal and deathcore doesn't have to be just blast beats. He puts so much variety into the songs it's just so amazing. The drumming is clearly top notch on this album. The guitars, while they may sound a little rehashed at times, sound brutal, and the solo work is certainly better than I thought it would be after I heard the main single "The Saw Is the Law"(Definitely the most boring song on the album)But my favorite part about this group has always been Phil's vocals. While he may not show of enough range for me on this release, he certainly has a great tone to his scream. The actual sound of his scream on this album is the best I've ever heard from him.

So in conclusion, Our Endless War definitely has its bad aspects, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I'm gonna have to give this album a solid 8.5/10

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McLovinSkittlez - 07 五月 2014: I gotta ask; did you listen to the entire record? Because Phil slays this album just as perfectly as the previous albums, only he has now perfected his gut-wrenchingly low, fast gutturals. Now, the first half of the album was...eh...aside from "Mono" of course, but the second half is some of the most crushing and creative work they've put out thus far.
RSontz - 15 五月 2014: To me their best was "This Is Exile" but yea I've listened to the whole album, and on the second half I really only liked Diggs Road
chandler - 15 十一月 2014: RSontz have you listented to Fall of The Hypocrites, it absolutely defines whitechapel with phils speed and powerful gutterals. Plus have you seen them live? They are absolutely one of the most powerful bands out there that go unappreciated!