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Band Name Cypher Seer
Album Name Origins
Type Album
发布日期 12 四月 2011
出版公司 Nightmare Records
音乐风格Power Metal


1. Bloodline
2. The Curse
3. Dying Force
4. Faith Renounced
5. Aftermass
6. From the Womb
7. Soul Sacrifice
8. Red Rain
9. Haunted Saga Part II -Infinite Trance
10. Haunted Saga Part II -Lost, Plagued and Redefined
11. Haunted Saga Part II -As I Embrace the End

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Cypher Seer

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评阅 @ Dr.Feelgood

21 五月 2011

Speed And Will Without Flame

Cypher Seer are new guys in power metal and after four years and their first full - length Awaking Day now they are back with a new album in their packages called Origins. I must inform you that in here you will hear the combination of power metal with modern clues on guitars only, something interesting.

Bloodline” made me wonder if the band plays power metal or something between thrash and metalcore and this because I found many Nevermore parts and something from the modern American metal sound. By hearing the next two songs “The curse” and “Dying force” my questions disappeared and I was assured about the style of the band. The guitars cut everything in two pieces, the quickness set fire on me ears, but when I hear those vocals my enthusiasm stops. The strength does not stop there, you hear the riffing of “Faith renounced” and you understand that the guys have many things to show in the future.

Rod Mariani and Sergio Riberio are incredible guitar players and it is really difficult to find their affects, you think that their ideas are so fresh like you have never heard of those riffs before. But as new guys they have some changes through the songs like in “Aftermass” or “Infinite trance” which make me feel not so happy about this kind of power. On the other side their solo are without a complaint!

It is important to make a reference on the drummer Lee Corado who is a great musician; honestly I have never heard such a drumming in power metal before. His alternations send away in a progressive style of playing, but may this style will be something new in US power. Just check all the songs and you will agree with me.

Unfortunately, the biggest drawback in Origins is the vocals of Zeno Rodrigo, I am not claiming that he is not a good singer, but according to me he is not the right singer for this style. His voice fits more in a metalcore or in an American rock band, you can realize his will, but where is the strength in parts you want to hear of high level screams and not screams which remind me of Cradle Of Filth. He should try to sing on a different way in their next album.

Lost, plagued and refined” is the song which could touch the perfection, but it did not. It is an epic song with a great overture and a great alternation, not to mention the riff in the middle of the song. The final song “As I embrace the end” is one of the best tracks and for me the only song in which Zeno makes me hear it with great pleasure.

Origins is just a good album, but on other way it would be a masterpiece, after some listening I know which songs I am going to hear again. Cypher Seer as I said before are a new band and so they have plenty of time to make their drawbacks advantages and create great albums in the future!

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