Ore Veritatis

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Band Name Heretique
Album Name Ore Veritatis
Type Album
发布日期 09 一月 2012
音乐风格Thrash Death


1. Preludium 01:35
2. Rain of Fire 02:55
3. Equilibrium 05:05
4. Putrescent Society 04:03
5. Tribe 04:08
6. Lashing and Contempt 04:25
7. Ore Veritatis 04:44
8. Postludium 01:44
Total playing time 28:39

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评阅 @ GandhiEgo

25 六月 2012

Nowadays, ok records are in plenty and unfortunately when you’re just good in the Underground this is where you stay...

Heretique is a Polish band that self-released in 2009 their first album entitled Primal Blasphemy. Back in 2012 with a label, Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho, they’ve released in January their second effort “Ore Veritatis" which could be crudely translated form Latin as "The Moment of Truth".

With such a bold claim, we’re all assuming that the band, whose musical spectrum incorporates Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal with many Melodeath elements, has released their landmark record. To be perfectly honest I’m not so sure.

Granted, the production for such music is awesome and on par with most releases in the Melodeath genre aiming at wider audiences. Granted too, with only 28 minutes and very varied tracks, there is no way this is going to make anyone go asleep.

Still, I can only enjoy Ore Veritatis so much to a certain extent. Maybe it’s because I’m not too fond of bands that take on too many genres. The lead guitars and melodic Thrash elements will appeal to anyone into Testament (I’m not!) while the Deathtrash riffing and double harsh/growl singing to anyone into early Vader or mid Carcass (I am!). It is just that the end result, instead of having the right balance between catchy moments and great songwriting, feels way too catchy. It’s as if the band tried and incorporated every known gimmick into their music so that everyone would find something they loved about Heretique.

I won't write that the guys of Heretique are attention whores if it’s what you think this is like but I’d rather have them develop their own personality instead of trying to appeal to every metal fan out there. In the end, this is a solid record but far too generic. In a country where a new Death/Black/Thrash band is born every two days, it will take much, much more than Ore Veritatis for Heretique to stand above the crowd. Nowadays, good/ok records are in plenty and unfortunately when you’re just good in the Underground this is where you stay.

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