On Parole

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Band Name Motörhead
Album Name On Parole
Type Album
发布日期 08 十二月 1979
音乐风格Hard Rock


Re-Issue in 1997 by EMI Records with 4 bonustracks.
1. Motörhead 02:50
2. On Parole 05:38
3. Vibrator 02:52
4. Iron Horse / Born to Lose 05:15
5. City Kids 03:43
6. The Watcher 04:47
7. Leaving Here 02:54
8. Lost Johnny 03:30
9. Fools 05:35
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 1997)
10. On Parole (Alternate Take) 06:58
11. City Kids (Alternate Take) 03:48
12. Motörhead (Alternate Take) 02:48
13. Leaving Here (Alternate Take) 03:01
Total playing time 37:05

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评论 @ highspeedsamurai

20 七月 2008
Motorhead's debut album,although it wasn't released until the band found success with "Overkill",is a fascinating document of the early development of what would go on to become the best band on the planet.
The really interesting thing is the fact that Eddie Clark had yet to join the band with Larry Wallis handling guitar duties and supplying around half of the songs,while Lemmy contributes a number of songs which he originally wrote for Hawkwind including "Motorhead" and a beefed up version of "The Watcher" which is considerably faster and Livelier than the dirgelike original.
This album, with Wallis's somewhat tinny guitar sound,does sound pretty mild compared to the punk tinged fury that we've come to expect from the band,but the fact remains that there are some very strong songs on here,such as "Iron Horse/Born To Lose" and of course "Motorhead" which when given the full on Live treatment on "No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith" Live up to their glorious potential.

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