Odo Kikale Qaa (U-I-V)

乐队列表 Black Metal Arkha Sva Odo Kikale Qaa (U-I-V)
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Band Name Arkha Sva
Album Name Odo Kikale Qaa (U-I-V)
Type Compilation
发布日期 十一月 2013
出版公司 Those Opposed Records
音乐风格Black Metal


Third angle of the retrospective albums, compiling the split EP with Drowning the Light named IN HIS NAME, the split MLP with Chalice of Blood, the split MLP with Winter Funeral named MIKALP KHIS BIA OZONGON, the split EP with Woods of Infinity named OLD UGLY TREES and the III-way-split LP named N.O.I.R.
1. Chant XII 00:53
2. Hvt Lr'Ch Kmch 05:34
3. Chant XIII 02:57
4. Burg Dom 04:44
5. Bringer of Hate Plague 04:35
6. Skhisma 05:54
7. Master of Loss 07:09
8. Cycles of the Sabbathickall Dusk 06:37
9. Chant X 01:06
10. Buried in Frost 04:47
Total playing time 44:16