Nosferatu And Evildeedlive

乐队列表 Black Metal Old Goat Nosferatu And Evildeedlive
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Band Name Old Goat
Album Name Nosferatu And Evildeedlive
Type Video
发布日期 2005
音乐风格Black Metal


1. Castle Beyond the Dead
2. Followed by Bats
3. Plague Hunter
4. Nosferatu
5. Sleeves of Blood (Acoustic)
6. Castle Beyond the Dead
7. Followed by Bats
8. Plague Hunter
9. Nosferatu (Acoustic)
10. Chapel of Gore (12-28-02 VFW Hall)
11. Oskorie (6-21-03 Haunted Hospital)
12. I am the Black Wizards (8-7-03 Alaskan Bar)
13. Into the Valley of Horns (10-30-03 Alaskan Bar)
14. Sleeves of Blood (10-31-03 Alaskan Bar)
15. Marauder (6-25-04 Marine Park)
16. Oskorie (2-6-04 Undisclosed Location)

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