New Found Power

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Band Name Damageplan
Album Name New Found Power
Type Album
发布日期 2004
出版公司 Elektra Records


1. Wake Up
2. Breathing New Life
3. New Found Power
4. Pride
5. Fuck You
6. Reborn
7. Explode
8. Save Me
9. Cold Blooded
10. Crawl
11. Blink of an Eye
12. Blunt Force Trauma
13. Moment of Truth
14. Soul Bleed

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评论 @ wolverine6511

23 二月 2013

This album was probably the lesser tragedy but still a tragedy.

Any time we mention Dimebag Darrell the name Pantera is almost guaranteed to be mentioned soon after, and there is a reason for such phenomenon. That's how most fans want to remember him from. After the murder of Dimebag for a long time I really wanted to love this album by Damageplan and almost felt bad cringing while listening to it, a lot because of his untimely and tragic death, but also because Dimebag is one of my all time favorite guitarist. He inspired many player to play out of the box and broke all conventional styles by bringing exciting ways to play guitar and still be heavy, technical and yet entertaining.
So it's a not even an argument of how influential his music has been over years and probably generations to come. But I must regrettably list this album as one of Dimebags less than stellar performances and probably more of a tragic memory in by other ways an Iconic career. I cant say that any of the new members is at fault, cause most writing credits seem to go to Dimebag and V.Paul. Bob-Zilla is an OK bass player and Pat Lachman is a competent singer so this isn't necessarily the reason this album fails. Songs like "Save Me", "Cold Blooded", "Blink of an Eye" are the prime examples of how lame this album gets. Its almost like listening Slayer attempting to play a Def Leppard cover, yes not very pretty! After listening to this album, it almost feels like Phil and Rex knew what the Abbott's were up to (musically) and decided to bail out and avoid any association with such disappointment.

All that said the good news is that there are actually 2 songs which actually are really good, "Breathing New Life" and "Reborn" are probably what Pantera fans would had hoped the rest of the album was like. There are a few fillers or okay songs, "Wake Up" and "Fuck You", the rest of the album is simply not worth a second listen.
Bad news is...well we won't be able to hear Dimebag re vindicate himself. Unless there are any additional recordings we haven't heard yet.

Recommended to;
1-tone deaf's
2- non Pantera fans (fans of Godsmack, Hellyeah maybe)
3- diehard fans who only care about Dimebag's playing good or bad (there are some decent solo's)
So hear at your own risk!!!!

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Baal666 - 24 二月 2013: j'ai traduit ta chronique,personnellement elle est tres mauvaise,tu nous fait ressentir que ce que le groupe à endurer apres la mort de Dimebag,mais tres peu de detaille sur ton impressions de l'album,apres j'ai peu etre mal compris le traducteur
Beaucoup trop d'allusions à Pantera,ce qui n'et pas comparable.
Baal666 - 04 三月 2013: Rest In peace Dimebag!
Hellfire911 - 23 九月 2013: Imho, I think you misjudged this may not be usual Pantera power metal, but this is still as impressive. Songs that you described as Slayer playing Def Leopard doesn't really sound like that . It's probably one of the (if not the) best metalcore band out there, since most of the other ones sound like shit (i.e. asking alexandria, of mice and men). It's a mix of kick ass riffs and pretty awesome vocals (bar blink of an eye but that's just me). Apples and oranges my friend

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