Never Say Die

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Band Name Hansel
Album Name Never Say Die
Type Album
发布日期 09 一月 2010
出版公司 Self-Released
音乐风格Heavy Rock


1. I Don’t Need Saving (All I Need Is Rock ‘N’ Roll)
2. Eruption
3. Rock City
4. On the Run
5. Wild Tonight
6. Rocketship of Love
7. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
8. Vampire
9. Murder 101
10. 1-800-Pleasuretown
11. The Whole Nine Yards

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评阅 @ Onni

01 二月 2010
Every CD of this kind makes me a bit happier – nice and cheerful glam rock in veins of 80’s but with modern production. You know, typical songs’ names, catchy vocals’ lines, grooving rhythms, beautiful guitar and so on – it’s always great and worth listening if it’s done professionally. This disc was the real surprise for me – looks like Australian scene rises. Hansel is quite young band and the album with the trite name “Never Say Die” is their debut. But definitely they are professionals and they know what they’re doing. Hansel has some awesome material to share with the world.

Whatever, I’d say that glam rock is pretty difficult genre, because almost everything was done in 1980’s. Because the world already has amazing bands and we, listeners, don’t need a hundred songs about “on the run” and that “all we need is rock’n’roll”. So, glam and hard rock is more about quality, melody, rhythm, combining elements and show. As a reviewer, I don’t visit shows, I can just tell about photos I’ve seen – Hansel has bright pictures, when you look at it, you see the glam rock band beyond all doubts. As for other aspects… Most of glam / hard rock CDs divide into two parts: those that are obviously trivial, common and not very enjoyable nor interesting (majority) and those that have good production, catchy melodies and some inspiration that attracts.

Hansel’s “Never Say Die” belongs to the second group – it’s incredible mix of melody and rhythm. This album consists of 11 tracks – 11 hard rock anthems with brilliant production, 11 pieces of energy and rock spirit including one classical ballad and short acoustic “The Whole Nine Yards” in the end. Every element of this music is done (composed and recorded) on the high level – starting with drumming and ending with backing vocals and keyboard arrangements. If they are as professional and showmen on the live show as on the record – they can be the next glam rock star; but even now we can name them the rising rock star. You would never believe that it’s the first album of Hansel – it’s too good to be a debut. I guess these guys have some great music background, because “Never Say Die” sounds very mature, confidently and powerfully, it’s well-thought-out and stylish. While listening to it, you’ll remember different rock/hard rock/glam bands (Bon Jovi, Guns’N’Roses, Motley Crue and many more); maybe that’s why Hansel doesn’t sound that clichéd.

So you see, Hansel’s “Never Say Die” is complete delight. Never say bye to hard/glam rock!

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Raina - 04 二月 2010: Ok, you made me curious about it...:)
Onni - 04 二月 2010: I hope so! This album is really worth attention :)

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