Necrophilia: Crack Open A Cold One

乐队列表 Thrash Metal The Fuck Machine Necrophilia: Crack Open A Cold One
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Band Name The Fuck Machine
Album Name Necrophilia: Crack Open A Cold One
Type Album
发布日期 2006
出版公司 Chastity Records
音乐风格Thrash Metal


1. Intro Of Doom
2. Dead Girls Can't Say No
3. Creeps Peepshow
4. Taking On The Dato
5. Go Fuck Yourself
6. Half Cut Sluts
7. Manipulating Whore 2000
8. Skullfucker
9. Crack Whore Bitch Jane
10. Means To An End (Means My Foot Up Your Arse)
11. Zombie Pack Rats
12. Smacky Slut
13. Nerd Chunder
14. Eat Dick
15. Livin For Midnight
16. Blood And Beers
17. You Are Shit (Reprise)
18. Fuck AA (Holy Wars)

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