Messages in Blood

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Band Name Whiplash (USA)
Album Name Messages in Blood
Type Compilation
发布日期 1999
出版公司 Displeased Records
音乐风格Thrash Metal


1. King with the Axe
2. Spit on Your Grave
3. Thrash Til Death
4. Chained Up, Strapped Down
5. The Burning of Atlanta
6. Stirrin' the Cauldron
7. Respect the Dead
8. Last Man Alive
9. Spit on Your Grave
10. Killing on Monroe Street (Live)
11. Eternal Eyes (Live)
12. Respect the Dead (Live)
13. Stirrin' the Cauldron (Live)
14. The Burning of Atlanta (Live)
15. Nailed to the Cross (Live)
16. War Monger (Live)
17. Message in Blood (Live)
18. Nailed to the Cross (Live)
19. Stagedive (Live)