Mechanics of Dysfunction

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Band Name Beneath The Massacre
Album Name Mechanics of Dysfunction
Type Album
发布日期 20 二月 2007
出版公司 Prosthetic Records
制作人 Yannick St-Amant
音乐风格Technical Death


1. The Surface 02:41
2. Society's Disposable Son 03:28
3. The System's Failure 03:29
4. The Stench of Misery 02:57
5. Untitled 00:59
6. Modern Age Slavery 03:22
7. The Invisible Hand 03:08
8. Better Off Dead 02:36
9. Long Forgotten 03:34
10. Sleepless 03:46
Total playing time 30:00

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评阅 @ Scandals

01 十二月 2008
Emotion is a key element in good death metal. It separates the one dimensional, the average, the horde from the ones with talent, power and the ability to make the listener smile when they realise what they are listening to. The new Gojira album has that in spades, along with numerous classics like Morbid Angel’s ‘Blessed are the Sick’ or Death’s ‘Human’. But this new wave of death metal, or ‘deathcore’ as it has been labelled, eschews this for a colder, more calculated approach.

Beneath the Massacre’s ‘Mechanics of Dysfunction’ is a good example of this new breed. Its technicality is astounding; like fellow Canadians Cryptopsy, the musicianship can barely be faulted for its tightness, its power. The band throw all forms of riffs into the melting pot; stop start blasting, tempo changes, low growls and high arpeggios all come mixed together in a maelstrom of technical death. As a musician’s album, ‘…Dysfunction’ would be hard pushed to be bettered by many technical death/deathcore bands out there. The production is crisp, ice cold and perfection for this form of merciless assault. It is ruthless, emotionless death, handled excellently by the band and should be high on the list for fans of Ion Dissonance, Suicide Silence or Job for a Cowboy.

However, therein lies the problem. While Beneath the Massacre are clearly adept and skillful musicians, and near the top of the pile when it comes to the genre, it has a tendency to become rather stale and forgettable rather quick. These albums, Suicide Silence’s ‘The Cleansing’ and Ion Dissonance’s ‘Minus the Herd’ included (even though I own and enjoy both), are albums you can listen to and enjoy, but don’t feel essential. It may be a problem in the future, where the pool becomes over saturated with clones, but currently it’ll prove to be successful and impressive. It would be good to see this current crop of death metal inherit the mantle of such luminaries as Death, Obituary and Morbid Angel and take it onwards and upwards.

Recommended for fans of Suicide Silence, Ion Dissonance, All Shall Perish and Whitechapel.

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LeviathanIsGodofMetal - 21 三月 2009: While I agree with your review in that this album is emotionless and doesn't stick, I don't think fans of the bands you listed will like this. In my opinion, at least, BTM is really traditional technical brutal death metal and not really deathcore at all. I don't think it sounds like Whitechapel or Suicide Silence (the latter of which I mildly enjoy).