Mack Avenue Skull Game

乐队列表 Grunge Big Chief Mack Avenue Skull Game
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Band Name Big Chief
Album Name Mack Avenue Skull Game
Type Album
发布日期 1993
出版公司 Sub Pop Records


1. Skullgame No.3, Take 3
2. My Name Is Pimp (Mack's Theme)
3. Let's Do It Again
4. One Born Every Minute (Doc's Theme)
5. Sonica
6. No Free Love on This Street (Sonica's Theme)
7. Soul on a Roll
8. 10 Karat Pinky Ring
9. Have Another Glass of Brandy, Baby
10. Gaiety Lounge Punk
11. Cop Kisser (Mack Fucks Up the Scene at the Freezer)
12. If I Had a Nickel for Every Dime
13. Mixed Jive
14. He Needs To Be Dead / Ten Easy Pieces (The Power of Ginsu)
15. Cut To the Chase
16. Meet the Man Day
17. O Woman (Mack's Lament)
18. Skullgame (Reprise)