Live in USA (Bootleg)

乐队列表 Hard Rock Alice Cooper Live in USA (Bootleg)
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Band Name Alice Cooper
Album Name Live in USA (Bootleg)
Type Bootleg
发布日期 01 十月 1978
出版公司 Golden Stars
音乐风格Hard Rock


Recorded live at Saginaw (MI), USA, 01/10/1978.
1. Under My Wheels
2. Billion Dollar Babies
3. I'm Eighteen
4. Is It My Body
5. The Black Widow
6. You and Me
7. Only Women Bleed
8. Escape
9. I Never Cry
10. It's Hot Tonight
11. Lace and Whiskey
12. School's Out
Recorded live in El Paso, 04/06/1980.
13. Intro
14. Grim Fact
15. Go to Hell
16. Guilty
17. You and Me
18. Pain
19. Talk Talk
20. Gutter Cats
21. Clones
22. Nuclear Infected
23. Wish You Were Here

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