Licker's Last Leg

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Band Name Goon Moon
Album Name Licker's Last Leg
Type Album
发布日期 08 五月 2007
出版公司 Ipecac Recordings
音乐风格Indus Gothic


1. Apple Pie
2. My Machine
3. An Autumn That Came Too Soon
4. Feel Like This
5. Pin Eyed Boy
6. Hardcore Q3
7. Tip Toe
8. Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You (Bee Gees cover)
9. Lay Down
10. Balloon?
11. The Golden Ball
a/ The Bees to your Knees
b/ Birmingham
c/ Sadie
d/ Hanging with Mike
e/ Quipy Quipy Quaw Quaw
f/ Mr. Frankie
g/ Dramatic Paws
h/ The Licker's Last Leg
12. Built In A Bottle

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