Led Zeppelin IV

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Band Name Led Zeppelin
Album Name Led Zeppelin IV
Type Album
发布日期 08 十一月 1971
出版公司 Atlantic Records
音乐风格Hard Rock


1. Black Dog 04:57
2. Rock and Roll 03:40
3. The Battle of Evermore 05:52
4. Stairway to Heaven 08:03
5. Misty Mountain Hop 04:38
6. Four Sticks 04:45
7. Going to California 03:31
8. When the Levee Breaks 07:08
Total playing time 42:34

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评论 @ ImpureMind

14 五月 2009
this album is awesome beyond belief!Its got a good mixture of genres and the solos are awesome!this is one of Led Zeppelins best albums.if someone wanted to here led zep to see if they like them this album is definitely the one they should hear. 'Black Dog' and 'Rock 'n Roll' are classics of heavy metal.'The Battle Of Evermore' has folk elements.'Stairway to Heaven' is a hard rock anthem starting soft and ending hard.'Misty Mountain Hop' is, like all the songs on this album a led zep classic.'Four Sticks' is like MMH BD and R'n'R with a great metal sound.'Going to California' is a great acoustic song, and 'When the Levee Breaks' is a great song with a sound hard to explain.this album is definitely an awesome album.

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