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Band Name Jesu
Album Name Jesu
Type Album
发布日期 25 一月 2005
出版公司 Hydra Head Records
音乐风格Atmospheric Doom


 Your Path to Divinity
 Friends Are Evil
 Tired of Me
 We All Faulter
 Walk on Water
 Sun Day
 Guardian Angel

Total playing time: 01:14:25

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评阅 @ Satanicarchangel

20 五月 2013

Ethereal beauty through harsh noise

Harsh walls of droning, distorted guitars and beautiful, hypnotic melodies create one of the most mesmerising listening experiences I've heard in a while. Mixing the heavy and powerful sound of Drone Doom with the melodic sensibilities of Shoegaze, Jesu is a truly alien and wondrous album. Comparisons to The Angelic Process are inevitable, however whereas the afore mentioned band seem first and foremost concerned with an obliterating display of raw emotion. Jesu takes a much more subtle approach, allowing some ethereal melodies to soak through the massive walls of distorted guitars.

The guitar tone is devastating, being cleaner and much thicker than that of The Angelic Process, the guitars are able to convey breathtaking melodies through the chaotic outer layer of calamitous distortion. When one looks deeper into the album, beneath layer upon layer of densely packed harsh noise, one will find an album with a profound sense of beauty, melody and artistic expression.

The instrumentation is simple, lacking anything complex or technical (after all this is Drone Doom, well sort of), those looking for extravagant displays of musical technicality and virtuosity should best look elsewhere. This is atmospheric music first and foremost and nothing will ever change that. Jesu isn't a band concerned with creating music to party and to mosh to, or even music that suits any time of day. This type of music demands that the listener be in the right frame of mind, it demands that full attention is given in order to fully embrace and experience the beautifully harsh sonic landscapes that are so marvellously accentuated here.

It seems strange however that the vocal work is surprisingly apathetic. They are single sided and don't differ in pitch or tone. His clean voice feels hollow and distant, they create a strange sense of dissociation and detachment as they float effortlessly over the music. It might be easy to disregard the vocals as nothing but pure monotone but on the other hand I find the portrayal of the vocals to be quite engaging yet not the most exhilirating.

Jesu is a fine example of music that doesn't adhere to worn out genre conventions and clichés. The music is somewhat alien and foreign and apart from The Angelic Process and to an extent, Nadja there really isn't any band that is making music quite like this. At times Jesu might be a little hard on the ears due to the really thick and densely layered sound and the droning nature of the songs. But Jesu is a remarkable beast, melding the best elements of Drone Doom and Shoegaze to create a beautifully obliterating album that I hope will go down in Doom Metal history as a unique, devastating and beautiful piece of art. A truly remarkable album and an atmospheric milestone, definitely an album that has to be heard to be experienced.

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