If Only We Could Fly

乐队列表 Nu Metal Limp Bizkit If Only We Could Fly
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Band Name Limp Bizkit
Album Name If Only We Could Fly
Type Bootleg
发布日期 2001
出版公司 Flip Records
音乐风格Nu Metal


1. It's Like That Y'all ft. Run DMC
2. Break Stuff (Live)
3. Faith - Remix ft. Everlast
4. Show Me What You Got (Live)
5. N2 Gether Now (Clean Version)
6. 1999 (Live)
7. Snake in Your Face
8. Counterfeit (Phat Ass Remix)
9. Sour (Demo)
10. Crushed
11. Thieves (Live)
12. Back o da Bus
13. Counterfeit (Lethal Dose Extreme Guitar Mix)
14. Bring the Noise ft. Staind
15. Rollin' (Instrumental)
16. Flush It

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