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Band Name Desalmado
Album Name Hereditas
Type EP
发布日期 三月 2008
出版公司 Self-Released


Re-released in 2011 by Greyhaze Records
1. Condenados Pelo Ódio
2. Em Sua Honra
3. Miséria Escravatura
4. Chagas Abertas
5. Manto de Sangue
6. Hereditas

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16 八月 2011

Unadulterated Grindcore!

Desalmado, formerly known as El Fuego, are a Grindcore band based in Brazil. They had self-released Hereditas as an EP in 2008.Now that they’ve been signed to Greyhaze Records, home to the recent Death Metal sensation Nader Sadek, it is being re-released again before the debut, that is already written for the most part, will be released, again on Greyhaze Records.

The band’s musical genre is clearly Grindcore. The kind of Grindcore that deals with societal issues and for this very reason is all the more brutal than its gory/porn counterparts. Admittedly, Condenados Pelo Odio (they sing in Portuguese), the opening track, is probably the weakest track featured on Hereditas as if Autopsy had smoked too much marijuana. On the other hand, it makes for a perfect introduction for the violence that is to come right after.

The rest of the five remaining tracks is pure violence. Half is unadulterated Grindcore that is very close to German legends Blood, the other half Grind assaults with a Death Metal feel that will please fans of later Napalm Death. But this all goes real real fast and in the end Hereditas lasts less than 15 minutes (with almost 4 minutes dedicated to the opener).

All in all, there’s not much to say at this point. If the debut that is soon to be released will be in the same vein, everyone will be pleased. I guess then that length will play a significant role and we all remember that this year Singapore’s Wormrot killed the competition but left us wanting for some more with their insanely short album. Not that Desalmado should indulge in filler tracks like their opener here, but we’ll be having them under close scrutiny.

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