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Band Name Heljareyga
Album Name Heljareyga
Type Album
发布日期 三月 2010
出版公司 Tutl
音乐风格Folk Metal


1. Regnið 09:00
2. Heljareyga 10:27
3. Lagnan 08:49
4. Feigdin 08:43
5. Vetrarbreytin 11:15
Total playing time 48:14

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评论 @ vikingman369

30 十月 2010
Everybody knows Heri Joensen of Týr, the Faroese progressive-folk band that produced such epic masterpieces as Eric the Red, Ragnarok and Land, alongside grandiose achievements How Far To Asgaard and By The Light Of The Northern Star, all of them dripping with the essence of the cold, harsh Northern lands.

But, while we wait for Týr to produce another masterpiece, Heri has been plotting something of his own. Having been a music teacher for some time exposed Týr's front-man to many good musicians. Together, he began a three-year project which culminated in this: Heljareyga.

Despite having too many guitarists and being almost completely unavailable in my area (you're lucky if you even find Týr CDs in the south-eastern United States - and those are from Napalm, which is more of a major label than Tutl), Heri pulls off a massive achievement with his side-project, named after giant holes made in the earth by the tide, believed by the old Norse to be entrances to the realm of the goddess Hel.

Musically, it's a combination of folk-sounding melodies (however, they're all original compositions, rather than borrowing traditional melodies as with Týr), pounding drumming, rather lengthy progressive guitar work and Heri's epic singing voice belting out Faroese lyrics of struggle and hardship.

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Darknesser - 04 十二月 2010: The best album made for the Epic progressive metal bands ... Túsund takk ! Heri, tín album er so fagurt og vælvaksið ! Heilsa til Føroya ! ! !
(Thousand thanks ! Heri, your album is so beautiful and finely built ! Hail to the Faroe Islands !)
prayingmantis - 27 四月 2013: CD genial !

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